Angela Zhang Shanghai Concert – Sexy, Revealing Little,

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Angela Zhang on the night of the 11th was in Shang Hai’s soccer field holding a solo concert. The stadium was filled with 30,000 fans. Angela’s idol Liang Zhao Wei couldn’t make it, but he sent flowers to wish her good luck. Rumored boyfriend Johnny Yan also didn’t show becasue he was in Thailand.

Usually self-proclaimed bad dancer Angela, on the 11th sang a lot of quick songs, (i.e. LIking You Makes No Sense). She wore a silver cute dress and danced a bit, her fans also moved with the beat and sang with her. Record producer Chang Wei specially wrote a song “Give You Give Me” song was revealed. Changing into a black costume with long socks, Angela stripped herself of the sweet and cute style, revealing a bit of her body, exposing her sexiness.

Sister-like friend Fan Wei Qi wore a white dress, compared to Angela’s black costume, coincidentally “black and white matching”. The two sang “????”. Fan Fan also sang a song “One vs. One”, a song that David Tao wrote for her.

Changing into a more cultural costume, Angela returned onstage with a new song called “????”, which prompted the crowd to scream even louder. Continuing, she sang “??” with Mayday. The whole crowd was singing and jumping along, and this time Mayday’s Ah Shin not only hugged Angela, but kissed her too, making her heart beat faster.

This solo concert was Angela’s dream. A lot of her neighbors, and parents, brothers and sister and relatives flew to Shanghai to see, also it was a family reunion in five years.

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