Angel Locsin, today’s contestant on ‘Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal’

It would be interesting news to televiewers that the controversial Angel Locsin will be the contestant in tonight’s edition of the highly popular and toprating “Kapamilya Deal or No Deal.”

Did you know that during the taping of the episode, Angel was about to accept the Banker’s offer when suddenly her mom arrived?

This was the first time her mom made a TV appearance and was formally introduced and welcomed as the mother of the controversial actress.

In an interview with ABS-CBN after the show, Angel said she was really surprised her mom came because personally, she doesn’t want her family to be seen in public or become showbiz figures themselves.

She narrated that her mom really wanted to watch her play in “Kapamilya Deal or No Deal” to give her morale support, but Angel insisted that she just stay at home to avoid further public exposure.

At the start of the game, Angel felt relieved that her mom wasn’t there but she sprung a surprise and arrived halfway of the show all dressed–up and wearing make–up.

Angel said, “nagpamake-up pa si Mommy!” And Kris was quoted as saying “Mother knows best” pushing Angel to go one more round for a chance of getting a better deal.

Other sidelights:

Before giving his initial offer, the Banker said, “Ang Kapamilya hindi napapalitan, pero ang puso puwedeng i-transplant.”

The studio has a noticeably jampacked crowd eagerly anticipating to get a glimpse of the newest Kapamilya.

Joining Angel for morale support were her manager, Becky Aguila, cousin Mario, Valerie Concepcion, Tricia Roman, and Bianca Aguila (Becky’s daughter).

Angel plans to give most of her winnings in “Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal” to Gabriella, which she actively supports.

Because “Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal” was a direct competitor of her previous shows, Angel admitted that she didn’t watch it sometimes. Similarly, Kris said she didn’t watch Angel’s TV shows because of the competition.

When she was invited to join the said game show, she said “Excited ako ng sinabi sa akin na maglalaro ako pero medyo weird kasi katapat nga ng mga shows ko sa kabila.”

She was obviously tense while playing the game as she has been drinking a lot of water in between breaks. “Iba pala talaga yung feeling kapag ikaw na yung nasa taas at naglalaro,” Angel added.

Angel also expressed her curiosity as to the banker’s true identity and said she wanted to meet him in person

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