Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution” Opening Ceremony in Ipoh

After the opening ceremony was completed on Wednesday afternoon for the new film, "Se, Jie (Lust, Caution)", the crew finally began to film their first scene where it involved Wang Li-Hong (Leehom Wang) and Tang Wei. After 40 minutes of filming, a church about 200 meters away were broadcasting Koranic verses. Director Li An (Ang Lee) immediately stopped the filming and began praying. About 5 minutes later, he told the crew to resume filming.

It was 7 in the morning, and over 30 people from the production crew were already busy. Many crew workers went to the old street of Ipoh to finish some finishing touches on the scenery and other accessories. The Ipoh government also contacted the police to guard and blockade six buildings in Lie Yi Street, and also sent in security guards to guard them strictly.

It wasn’t until 11:20 in the morning when eight to nine people, dressed in pre-modern clothing, who were extras for the film, came in the scene. Ang Lee also arrived 25 minutes later. As soon as he arrived, the crew immediately used a huge piece of black cloth to cover the filming area, preventing other people to enter. The security is extremely tight.

Leehom Wang arrived to the scene at approximately 12:20. He quickly went into the dressing room. He came out of the dressing room and was wearing a white, collared T-shirt, revealing a scholarly aura of students in China back in the pre-modern period. Many fans who were waiting for him outside in the streets screamed "Wang Li-Hong" and Leehom stopped what he was doing and smiled, waving at them.

Around 12:30, Ang Lee ordered the 30 to 40 members of the production to start the opening ceremony. After Leehom finished worshipping, he hugged Ang Lee and his other co-workers, prepared for the official filming of "Lust, Caution."


Beyond the filming arena, many fangirls of Leehom grabbed their violin and waited three hours straight for their idol to appear. Leehom finally appeared and signed their violins. However, there was a student that was not as lucky. He held a book written by Ang Lee, called "Shi Nian Yi Jue, Dian Ying Mong (Filming Dreams for Ten Years)". He waited for nine hours and continuously nagged the security guards to let him see Ang Lee. In the end, he returned home with no luck.

This student is 22 years old and his surname is "Su." He started his ride on bus from Kuala Lumpar to Ipoh on Tuesday. On Wednesday, 7 in the morning, he arrived at the studio to wait for Ang Lee. It wasn’t until 4:30 in the afternoon until he left.

He said that when he was 15 after he saw Ang Lee’s "Eat Drink Man Woman", he began to admire Ang Lee greatly. He never missed a single movie Ang Lee made. Earlier on, "Brokeback Mountain" was banned in his country so he specially flew to Thailand to see it.


On Tuesday night, Ang Lee held a welcoming banquet for the cast in a restaurant in Ipoh. The restaurant’s workers warmly invited Leehom Wang and Tang Wei to the restaurant. The workers also purposely played "Huan Tian Cuo (Mistake by the Flower Fields)" in the background when they invited Leehom in. Leehom’s cheeks flushed and bashfully told the workers to lower the volume of the music a little.

Leehom ordered eight different plates for the banquet. Ang Lee seemed to be in a very good mood that night and continuously ate and drank tea. Although Leehom and Tang Wei did not eat or drink as much as him, they still ate a lot with smiling faces. Before they had their order on their table, Leehom smiled at his music which was playing on the background and lightly danced to it, appearing very relaxed. After the banquet, he left with the crew members.

While the crew members were eating dinner, many people were crowding outside the restaurant. Employees of the restaurant ran outside and told the reporters in English, "Don’t take any pictures. They just came and they’re all really tired. They need to eat and rest."

The owner of the restaurant revealed that to protect the production crew from disturbance, he did not invite any other customers that night.

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