Ang Lee, Shu Qi attends to Leehom’s HK Concert; Jacky Cheung attacks his chest

Wang Li-Hong (Leehom Wang) completed his two-night "Heroes of Earth Hong Kong Concert" last night. Two nights ago, the first night, many celebrities attended, including Yip Tak Lan (Deanie Ip), Sit Ka Yin (Nancy Sit), Lee Choi Wah (Rain Li) and her brother and many more. Although that night Leehom’s rumored girlfriends Zhang Hui-Mei (Amei Cheung) and Shu Qi were not in sight, yesterday night Shu Qi finally attended to the concert to support Leehom. Last night, Shu Qi arrived at Hong Kong’s Red Coliseum at 8:30 in a van and seemed extremely low-key. Once she stepped out of the van she didn’t even look around; she had her head down and stepped in the coliseum with a hat. Because of the confusion with seats due to the amount of people, it took quite some time before Shu Qi decided to sit next to Fung Tak-Lun (Stephen Fung). Another rumored couple also attended to the concert – Fong Jo-Ming (Jaycee Fong) and Sit Hoi-Kei (Fiona Sit) also individually stepped in the coliseum.

Wu Jian-Hao (Vaness Wu) was yesterday night’s guest performer. They sang "Long De Chuan Ren/Lung Tak Chuen Yun (Descendent of Dragon)" together.

Li An (Ang Lee), director of the famous Brokeback Mountain also attended to Leehom’s concert last night. Leehom will soon star in his new production Lust, Caution with Leung Chiu-Wai (Tony Leung) and Tang Wei.

Leehom Wang appeared in a long, shiny golden qipao at the beginning of the concert and also danced with a dragon-embedded flag and dragon dancers. Fireworks also exploded while he performed "Gai Shi Ying Xiong/Koi Sai Yeng Hung (Heroes of Earth)" and the environment was extremely high and exciting. After a while, Leehom requested a couple from the audience to come on stage so they can sing "Kiss Goodbye" together. He said that the director of the MV for "Kiss Goodbye" required Leehom and the female lead to kiss, and they NGed over 30 times. Each kiss was a different feeling, therefore he requested the couple to kiss in front of the audience. The couple were also very cooperative and kissed.

Leehom’s performance at the concert was perfect. He showed some of his kung fu skills, played the keyboard, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, violin, drums and even the er-hu. He danced to hip hop music, danced closely with a female dancer and the female dancer also ripped his shirt apart, showing his muscular chest. The audience were extremely high.


In the first night, Leehom only invited one guest, and he is one of Hong Kong’ Four Heavenly Kings- Cheung Hok-Yau (Jacky Cheung). They sang "Wen Bie/Mun Bit (Kiss Goodbye)" together. The two also praised each other non-stop. When Leehom introduced Jacky to the audience, he told them that Jacky was his idol and someone he really looks up to. Jacky influenced Leehom’s music very much and it was an honor for him to invite Jacky. Jacky also praised Leehom and said, "He’s very handsome. Being both handsome and talented at the same time is a minority in this world. However, Leehom’s one of them. He can play the piano, the drums, the guitar and many other instruments. Besides learning music since he was young, this guy also has natural talent. He’s very special. Plus he’s also tall and handsome. Years ago a lot of people told me that there was this newbie who really liked me and I didn’t know who that newbie was. Finally I discovered that it was this handsome boy. He gave me some DVDs that were musicals he did when he was in college. At that time he was already a director. He definitely deserved the "Best Male Artist" award at the Golden Melody Awards. It felt good losing to him." After that Leehom quickly praised Jacky, "Isn’t my older brother handsome too? He’s not the King of Music, but the God of Music."

The two sang a duet together and the environment was extremely loud and exploding. To allow Leehom to change backstage, Jacky stuck out a hand and touched Leehom’s chest, saying, "Don’t be jealous. I know you’re not as lucky as me. His shirt is wet. Let him go backstage to change."

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