Andy’s recipe revealed

Andy Lau is one artist whom is particular of his image, however one reporter discover a slimming recipe on the internet. It was said that during rest days, in order to maintain his figure, his lunch is only a cup of hot coffee and french toast, he would take a normal sandwich. A particular fan said that when Andy first entered showbiz, he looked fat, maybe it’s due to this formula of training and food regime thus he could have such good figure.

During work, not only being a workaholic, Andy also ate a lot. The reporter read from the recipe that when Andy is working, he had a heavy breakfast, lunch and dinner would be the same as the crew members as he eat everything. If he’s free, Andy would be more particular of what he’s eating, he would eat as little as possible for his three meals, but it’s very professional and strict. Although he has a food regime, but when meeting friends for meal, his favorite is steamboat. Whereas Andy had good understanding on what he drinks as he would not take cold drinks, coffee and milk tea need to be warmed up. He don’t drink mineral water which many artistes preferred, he only drink fruit juice like apple mixed with carrot to replenish water loss. Other than his drinks, he also exercised a lot to keep his body healthy as he had a facilitated gym in his apartment.

When the reporter contacted an actress whom had collaborated with Andy in A World Without Thieves to rectify on the recipe, she expressed: “Andy has good appetite, he would finished everything in his packed meal, indeed it’s due to the large amount of energy lost during the tough shooting. But he do remind us that female need to take more fruits, drink carrot juice for skin care.”

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