Andy’s Enthusiasm for Paralympic

Although Andy Lau revealed that he is hepatitis virus carrier, had a weak body and perspire a lot but when talked about Paralympic, Andy returned to his "tie-ren" (superman) colours. Andy whom was supposed to attend the revealing of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games mascot ceremony on 6 September, arrived a day earlier to meet the officials.

When talked about the Paralympic, Andy is no strangers as his company empolyed members of Hong Kong Paralympic team before, thus he has a good relationship with the chairman of Hong Kong’s Paralympic committee. When talked about exercise, Andy whom is already more than 40-years-old still maintain a fit body as this is the best result of exercising regularly.

Andy also revealed that he participated in a sports meet relay run in 1986. Then, he just completed the shooting of Duke of the Mount Deer, he still has a shaven head and weighted 180 pounds, which is rather a "fat boy". For that relay run, Andy quipped that it almost cost his life.

Andy’s enthusiasm for Paralympic as since 1992, he went to watch the Paralympic four times to feel the atmosphere. With his experience as an audience, Andy chat with the leaders of the Paralympic, he suggest to the leaders to take note of the calling for volunteers as fear of not enough volunteers.

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