Andy’s email exchange with Peng Denghuai posted on the Internet

Andy Lau was in Taiwan earlier for promotion and within 11 hours, he completed the recording of 6 variety programmes. Despite his heavy work load, Andy doesn’t mind the hardship as he said: “To be able to do the job I like, I don’t mind it being tough, I only complaint that time is not enough.”

After completing his work in Taiwan, Andy returned to Hong Kong yesterday where several fans came to welcome him at the airport. As per normal, Andy was full of smiles as he collected the presents from his fans before boarding his nanny car.

Meanwhile, two e-mail accounts of Andy’s mask changing master Deng Peng Huai were hacked, with his passwords cracked, his personal mails exchange with Andy was published online by the hackers, the emails being posted included “message from the Olympic Organising Committee”, “regarding to Andy being invited to the 2008 Olympic Games Welcome gala show” and other e-mail messages, all messages are personal e-mail exchange between Andy and Peng, the online forum post also have 2 of Andy’s e-mail being posted, including a e-birthday card to Peng from Andy.

When Peng was contact to verify the matter by reporters, he exclaimed that the 2 e-mail messages are indeed from his personal e-mail accounts, he indeed could not access his e-mail accounts when he was out station in Tibet this July.

Peng was worried that the hacker will do harm to Andy as he think Andy is a man with good manner, although there is nothing being discussed in his e-mail exchange with Andy but hackers hacked into personal e-mail accounts makes one angry. He said: “I will hold onto my rights to act against the hackers, meanwhile I urge all artistes to take note and protect themselves in the Internet.”

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News,

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