Andy treat award as birthday present

The 2nd seasonal TVB Jade Solid Gold Selection was held two nights ago with both Andy Lau and Vincy Chan winning a hit award and special award thus becoming the biggest winners of the night. Other singers that attended includes Jordan Chan, Joey Yung, Twins, Eason Chan, Hins Cheung and Andy Hui. Similiar to previous music award presentation ceremony, those whom did not attend will not be given the award, even TVB god-son Hacken Lee was no exception as he was overseas.

A total of 14 songs (hit award) and 3 special awards were presented, both Andy and Vincy were delighted to win 2 awards. Andy won one hit award and Most Popular Commercial Theme Song with ‘Chang Kai Yan Jing’. As he was on leave for his birthday, he specially make the trip to receive the awards and he pointed out that it was a good birthday present. He quipped: "After much hardwork by the company (initially he did not plan to attend the selection), it finally moved me to attend, winning this award can be considered as one of my birthday present."

Twins also seized the chance to give Andy their latest album as birthday present, in return Andy gave them his latest album. However, Twins wanted to take a photograph with Andy.

With regards to collaborating with Takeshi Kaneshiro in the remake of The Blood Brothers, Andy exclaimed that some details still need to be sorted out as the film will be also invested by foreign companies, he was worried that some sponsered products might crash with some of the products that he endorsed thus the details of the contract still need to be discussed, it can be completed within 2 weeks.

With regards to the need of shaving his head for the role, Andy pointed out that this is not a problem as he had tried it before in Running On Karma. Whereas the film would start shooting in Beijing during November, there would be a chance that he would missed several of the music award presentation ceremonies, he expressed that he could not help it. He said: "I can’t help it, it’s not that I don’t care but each game has its own rules! (Will it affect your career if you didn’t win any awards?) Without any awards won’t affect my earnings!"

When asked about allegation that Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are getting married as Cecilia is pregnant, Andy exclaim that he feel happy for them but he thinks that it’s the Tse family matter therefore nobody should discuss about it.

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