Andy rejected sea urchin in Seoul

The ever hardworking Andy Lau had returned to work after suffering from flu for four days as he set off to Seoul yesterday to promote A Battle of Wits and he was treated to feast on sashimi and sea urchin but Andy rejected the offer for fearing of contacting Noro virus.

After his Christmas holidays, Andy had started his busy work again as he and Choi Si-won, Ahn Si-kung and director Jacob Chang to Korea’s Seoul to promote A Battle of Wits, starting a 3-days promotion trip. The local film distributor wanted to treat Andy to feast on sashimi and sea urchin but Andy whom yet fully recover his flu and fear of contacting Noro virus, he was stopped by his assitant from taking any.

Andy worked for 13 hours yesterday as he was interviewed by more than 20 media, he don’t even have time to eat as he could only spare 20 minutes to fill his stomach with salad. Although it was tough but Andy still quipped that it’s no problem as he had heard of the tight schedule in Japan and Korea, he said: "Actually I think I should apologise to Korean fans as I seldom come here nowadays, this country is my lucky place as then when I’m not reach the qualification to hold a concert in Hong Kong, I already held a concert in Korea in a venue which could accomodate 40,000 – 50,000."

Andy also had meet-the-fans session with the Korean fans, in between a reporter quoted that he thought that Andy is a Korean as he watched him since young. Another reporter told Andy a piece of good news as he was picked by a influenctial Korean magazine as "the most influenctial Hong Kong artiste" with 76.5% of the votes, this news excites Andy!

Andy would leave Seoul tonight and set off to Beijing to continue his location shooting of The Blood Brothers, he would be spending New Year at the film set. Andy sighed: "I think I would be counting down in the Beijing film set, thus no celebration."

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