Andy made a sponge toy to send wishes on mother’s day

Andy is shooting Three Kingdoms-Resurrection of the Dragon in the mainland at present, yesterday early morning he specially put up some pictures on his website, with a message,
“Who Am I? Why always have to suffer in this World” as title, he put up a story for Mother’s Day to wish mummy & grandma Happy Mother’s Day.

Using sponge as material, during his free time, even when he was traveling in the car, needle & thread on hand, he sewn the toy, indeed very good with his hands, finally he made a toy. Using the toy to narrate the story, it says its mummy is Andy, said, “My mummy is a man… when I was born, then only I knew my mummy is a superstar.”

Andy also teaches the toy to be filial to the parents, he then arranged for it to call HK to Mama Lau, & wishes his mother a Happy Mother’s Day. It is very interesting.

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