Andy: Lucky to be sick when back home

Andy Lau whom was nicknamed ‘tie ren’ (superman) had finally fall sick! Andy left a message on his fan club’s official website yesterday morning that he was initially excited to back in Hong Kong on Christmas Eve, however he was suffering from fever, sore throat and runny nose, although he was resting on his bed on Christmas Eve but he didn’t consider it as "tough life" as ‘Super Andy’ said: "This should be called fortunate, being sick and able to return to Hong Kong to lie on my own bed!"

Andy went to visit the doctor the next day, after wishing the doctor a merry Christmas, he was told by the doctor and his mother to take a good rest, with the strong medicine from the doctor, his eyes would be tired 15 minutes after taking the medicine, he quipped that as if he had taken sleeping pills. Andy then return to his company to celebrate Christmas with his friends in a party, he said: "This is the first time I went for a Christmas feast wearing a mask, of course I remove my mask to eat, stupid…. I’m also careful with what I eat, I didn’t eat without any concern."

After partying, Andy returned home to rest until he attend the Metro Radio music awards presentation ceremony on 26 Dec wearing a mask, although Andy won a total of 8 awards to become the night’s biggest winner, but he was disappointed of his failure to sing any song. Andy express: "I really have the urge to tell the organiser that I wanted to try sing…" before he could finish what he wanted to say, he was stop by the crew members to prevent spreading the illness to other singers.

In addition, Andy also collected a calligraphy ink and brush boxset and mini-bowling ball Christmas present from Twins, he officially thanks Twins on the net, he said: "Many thanks to Charlene for giving me the bowling ball, I seldom bowl nowadays, never got strike…. Gillian’s present made me fall in love with the present, I will bring the box set along to the filming location, I could practice calligraphy when I’m resting."

After resting for one night, Andy had set off to South Korea to promote A Battle of Wits. When interviewed by the media, Andy exclaimed that he had collaborated with Lee Young Ae many years ago in a commercial, he had never expected that she could become so popular, he feel that she look like Lin Ching Hsia. When asked what sort of movie that he would like to shoot, he exclaimed that he would like to be in a comedy as it could bring laughters to others.

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