Andy Lau’s ‘Protege’ Tops $17+ Million in Two Day Box Office Sales

New movie, "Protege" 《門徒》hit movie theaters on February 13th in China and Hong Kong at the same time. The movie enjoyed good box office results in China as well as Hong Kong. On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the movie pulled in ticket sales of $10 million (HKD), breaking the record for a single day of box office in mainland China.

Here is a breakdown of "Protege’s" box office performance so far:

Box Office Sales In China:
February 13th: $4 million (HKD)
February 14th: $10+ million (HKD)

Box Office Sales in Hong Kong:

February 13th: $1 million (HKD)
February 14th: $2.1 million (HKD)

Total Box Office: $17.1+ million (HKD)

"Protege" topped the box office among all Asian and Hollywood films playing in China and Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year time slot, raking in $17.1+ million (HKD) in the last 2 days alone!

"Protege" focuses on drug trafficking, a much heavier theme than other movies playing during the Lunar New Year holiday. With its high quality production, it won rave reviews among film critics. Based on its impressive opening box office results, it should generate good word-of-mouth from audience members as well.

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