Andy Lau’s “family of 4″ begins filming

Andy Lau started work for Derek Yee’s new movie Protege yesterday. Andy’s character is a drug lord in the movie with Anita Yuen as his wife whom borne him 2 children, whereas Anita is pregnant with another child of Andy.

Andy first went location shooting at Kowloon City for a scene where he spotted his daughter smoking in school uniform and get into a quarrel before heading to Kowloon Tong for a scene where Anita and her two children being arrested by the police.

The little girl whom played Andy’s daughter is very cute as she spotted Andy walking down the street at the second floor balcony and shouted “Daddy”, Andy whom in recent years alleged to have a 6-years-old daughter appeared embarrasses and said: “Don’t shout out so loud, there are many reporters around!” When told that the girl is 9-years-old, Andy need not fear as his alleged daughter is 6-years-old, he then show off his “father love” by kneeling down to sign autograph for her.

Meanwhile, Anita whom is 5-months pregnant appeared listless, her belly looked bigger as she wore cushion to accomodate her role. Andy even mischieviously point his finger and poke fun at Anita’s big belly. Andy said: “This is the first time that I see my daughters, I think that Derek picked the correct child actors, one looked like me while the other looked like Anita.”

Andy added: “I’m angry that I spotted my daughter smoking, but most interesting is that her group of classmate address me as Uncle wor!” During shooting breaks, many onlookers requested to take photographs with Andy, even the boss of a restaurant requested to take photograph with him as he played soccer with Andy during their teens days.

For the movie, Andy dye his hair grey and had an “uncle image” shirt and pants, a 30-something-years-old onlookers even quipped that he looked like his father but Andy does not mind because his dressing is to show the different generation from Daniel Wu’s character. As the hair dying deteriorate his hair, he said: “It’s been some time that I tried dying my hair till this extent, I thought of a skin head after shooting completed. (Just now someone said that you looked like his father!) Saying me as his father is not bad, this is specially done to show that I’m from a different generation to Daniel.” With regards to a bad ending of his character, Andy currently only knew that he would be arrested and unknown if he’ll die because the script had yet been confirmed.

In between shooting, Andy also seize the chance to have a family phototaking with Anita and his 2 daughters. Andy sing praise of the look of his “12-years-old daughter” and said: “Don’t tell me you’re my alleged daughter? Are you 6-years-old? How would it be possible that a 12-years-old be alleged to be 6-years-old? Or she should be 16-years-old, than I’ll be rich!” Those present burst into laughters.

Andy also mischieviously addressed Anita as “My Wife” and exposed that she gave him her “first time”, he said: “Her first movie was Handsome Siblings , before she got famous.”

In addition, his invested movie Crazy Stone had obtained $6 million at the box office after one week of screening to become the highest grossing movie in 2006, the total number of cinema screening the movie will be increased to 600. When asked if this is the first time that he earn money as a boss, he said that he also earned with Fulltime Killer and A Fighter’s Blue, but this time round is earning huge money as he hope that he could earn more money. When asked if it has gain confidence as in becoming a boss, he smile and replied no.

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