Andy Lau’s Black Hair Turns Grey Overnight!

Andy Lau’s latest Cantonese song ‘Lei Duo Lei’ (Tired verus Tired) was distributed to radio stations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China for premiere broadcast in the morning two days ago, however in the afternoon, fans from Taiwan and Mainland China left messages on message board to inform Andy: “The latest song can be downloaded from the Internet, I’m so happy.”

The new album which will be only released in August, as the new song was distributed to radio stations for promotion, immediately it’s available for illegal download online. When told of the news, Andy describe his feelings are “tired verus tired – the end of music industry”! Andy expressed that 4,000 logged on to download the song, although many sing praise that the song is nice but regarding to his fans’ low understanding of copyright and feel sad about it. Andy quipped that he was so angry that his hair turn grey overnight, actually his grey hair is for his character in Derek Yee’s new movie.

In the new movie, Andy’s character is a 45-years-old drug lord whom suffering from diabetes and need to seek treatment as he’s scared of dying. Andy pointed out that this is a new challenge for him.

Andy then wrote an essay in his message board to teach his fans about copyright issue and asked them not to download illegally, he urges all to support the original. Andy sighs: “I’ve to take my hats off to those “pirates”, they are so hardworking! Sometimes I discover that some pirated copy’s printing are so much nicer than my original copy, it’s so much cheaper, I was thinking no wonder consumer choose to buy the pirated copies.” Andy believed that before his new album is released, pirated version of 2006 Andy Lau’s New Song plus compiliation would be available.

Andy says: “Did everyone think about it, this is the real “tired verus tired” behaviour? If we continue this battle, it will be the end of music industry soon? Why we need to create new songs and work hard to promote it? This is the hardwork of many individuals, in a blink of an eye it become a free download for all, so how could music industry continue to do business?”

“In this way, record companies need not carry on its business, many people would lose their job as they don’t have a boss to invest for them to create music. Andy express that if this carries on, song writers will also disappear, as nobody in this world will respect them, nobody worth their creations, they could just download it to listen, when the harddisk is full, they can just delete the file, it’s a free download anyway. If this continues, there will be no singers as each record company will close down, who will have the money to sign up a singer and nurture them! I hope everyone could reflect on this matter.”

In addition, there was news from Taiwan that Andy’s Focus First Cuts will have 3 additional projects and would use new directors.

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