Andy Lau to Remake Chang Cheh’s Classic “Five Venoms”,

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has planed to finance a remake of "Five Venoms", by late martial-art film director Chang Cheh, reported.

The original report claims the cast will probably include Edison Chen, Maggie Q and Lau himself, the film will be shot in English with director Kirk Wong.

Released in 1978, the original "Five Venoms" tells that a young kung-fu protege is ordered by his dying master to eliminate the evil ones among five of his previous proteges, known as the Five Venoms. Each of the Five Venoms has a lethal skill learned from a toxic animal. The young protege have to find and team up with the good one among the Five Venoms, to defeat the evil ones.

Shooting would begin right after the Chinese New Year next spring.

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