Andy Lau talked about new boundaries

Andy Lau had been in showbiz for more than 20 years, he was once criticised to be a poor singer and actor, down the road, he won Most Popular Male Singer awards, Hong Kong Film Awards’ Best Actor, even the HKAPA presented him Honorary Fellow Member, without much negative news of him, his professionalism had become a role model for current youngsters.

With regards to previous criticisms, Andy doesn’t mind as he says: “Time can prove everything, although people do think that Andy Lau cannot make it, until today, there’s still people thinks that I depend on my looks, but now I’ve lack the young people’s anger, I don’t feel much for these criticisms anymore.”

Looking at his current success, Andy’s career doesn’t seems to have its lowest point? “In work, I’ve never tried it before, the previous lawsuits was not my unhappy moments, because for everything to happen, I will know what problems I’ll be facing, must know what’s losing face, then there’s nothing that cannot be solved. Meanwhile I’m not unhappy at being mistaken, take for example that many people think I dread to become the Best Actor, if I don’t win it I’ll kill someone, actually it’s not true, I’m just working hard to win awards, if it’s mine I’ll win it.”

On awards, he’s not anxious, like what he had said, he will get whatever for those which belongs to him, meanwhile the “fake awards” given to him by others leaves the deepest impression to him. “In 2000’s Hong Kong Film Awards, I was nominated for Best Actor with Running Out of Time, the reporters were worried that I could not win, thus they made a plastic one for me, I’m so touched and happy, because they treated me well, thus I cherish that “award”, it’s not saying that the other awards are worthless, just like Outstanding Young Person and Outstanding Youth, it need hardwork to win it, that plastic award is given to me because people thought of me.”

As an actor, going international is the ultimate dream, Andy had his chances, recently Maggie Cheung’s ex-husband Olivier Assayas invited him to be his new movie’s male lead, but he reject the offer as he had to shoot Derek Yee’s The Protege, he says: “If you asked me why I won’t feel pity or regret my decision, I can only said that I’ve no choice, I gave my words to The Protege, although Peter Chan when told did tell me that if I said so, he would be angry with me, but I don’t like to do this, as I’m a man of my words, I’ll do whatever I agreed.”

In Andy’s latest album Voice, almost all the songs reflected the current soceity, when asked if Andy need not care about the market? “It’s not that I don’t care about the market, I just feel that such songs are very rare, those mature people cannot find any songs to listen, furthermore all these songs are wordy, if love songs are like this would not have the feel, such songs would win the agreement of people. I’ll continue to sing love songs, because female love to listen to love songs, no matter what you can still sing love songs even you’re 60 years old.”

There’s a song in the latest album called ‘Guan Shi Yin’, he explain that the song’s meaning is “Looking at the voices of the world”, it’s name is related to Buddhism. His beloved song of the album is ‘Xin Zao’ which he wrote the lyrics, this is a song for a friend. He says: “This song is a reflection to a friend, I asked myself if I’m a wide-hearted person, able to accept everything, if I quarrel with a person, I’ll forget the next day, if there’s one person I hate, he should reflect on himself, if people’s friendship was bulit on benefits, it’s worthless.” He sighs: “I’ve said what I could say, if I quarrel with my friends time after time, maybe I’m in the wrong.”

With the album titled as Voice, so what’s his favorite voice? “I loved to listen to baby’s laughters, because their laughters gave people a peaceful feeling, I remembered once I listen to an Italian music, it recorded different baby’s laughters, the feeling is cute.”

When an artiste attain the success of Andy and become the role model of everyone, of course will be pressurise, but Andy said confidentely: “I’m not pressurise, the Honorary Fellow Member proves that what I did was correct, they may not be singing praise of my acting, they are showing off my success in moral, I asked myself that I’m a responsible artiste, and my image is real and not tailor-made, if my image is not real, of course need to be extra careful, to maintain this fake image, I just wanted to be myself, being natural won’t be pressurise.”

It’s still very far for Andy when comes to retirement, but he quipped that he won’t leave showbiz totally as he had already leave a mark in showbiz, thus unable to leave it.

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