Andy Lau Talked About His Failed Relationship

Two nights ago, Andy Lau held his The Best of Andy Lau Music Party at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Jockey Club Auditorium. Ivana Wong was invited for a short musical which narrates Andy had no time for his girlfriend after graduating from the TVB artiste training classes thus resulting to parted ways.

In the musical, Andy gets to hug and kneel to Ivana which attracted screams from the audience.

In one of the scenes, Ivana said: "You said you wanted to bring me to the Ocean Park and Hua Zi Restaurant, but you never fulfill your promise, you’re always working." Andy then quipped: "I’m sorry, currently not only on the surface, even the paparazzi are improving underground." Then the girlfriend said to him: "You work hard on your career, I decided to leave you."

Andy then revealed that this is a 90% true story being brought onto the stage as Ivava was not his girlfriend. He became really busy after graduating from the artiste training classes, thus have no time to accompany his girlfriend, although his girlfriend was willing to wait for him, but as time goes by, the girlfriend got impatient and fall in love with Andy’s former classmate without his knowledge till the girlfriend suggested a breakup during one of their dates as she’s getting married. Andy added that during the TVB 5 Tigers, TVB does not want him to get into a relationship, with more than 20 hours of filming each day, if he want to date, he would not have the time. Andy sighed: "This is the price of being an artiste, it’s very difficult for people working in showbiz to date as love is a provate matter, if it’s not successful, I would not reveal it."

During the performance, Andy asked the audience: "If I was to become a woman in my next life, would all of you still love me? Would you be looking for me?" Suddenly, the photograph of him cross-dressing as a woman in Running Out of Time was being projected on the screen as the audience burst into laughters before shouting out that they will still like him. Andy then quipped: "It can’t be, you’re not scared if I look like that?"

On the party, a 8-years-old fan whom had won the Hong Kong Open Calligraphy Competition for 2 years in a row wrote a calligraphy "Best Voice of the World" for Andy as present.

A delighted Andy kept jumping up and down the props on the stage, he first appeared on stage climbing out of a sardine can, he even stand on the 3-meters tall roof props to sing Model Student. He expalin that Model Student is narrating the pressure of people and teachers as several teachers committed sucide due to their work pressure then he said: "Can I jump down from here? Don’t worry, I’ll not jump." Actually the crew members had warned Andy not to stand on the roof props to prevent any accident, but he still took the risk.

In addition, as his birthday falls on 27 September, Andy decided to rest for 3 weeks, but with work committments on hand which includes fans gatherings and promotional jobs, thus he could not go overseas during his holidays. He would also need to jet off to Pusan to collect his Asian Filmaker of the Year, thus he estimate to have only 1 week of holiday.

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