Andy Lau Spent HK$600, 000 in One Night

Initially Andy Lau wanted to held a series of 20-nights concert during the summer holidays next year, however he had to shelved his plans during to no time slots in the Hong Kong Coliseum.

It’s not sure if this is the reason that for his Andy Lau Best Voice Party with Commercial Radio which was held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Jockey Club Auditorium, although it’s just one show, but it had huge props which the production fees exceeded HK$600,000, with just 2.5 hours of singing, which is similiar to a concert.

Andy became a mischievious monkey on stage as he jumped around, climb up and down as he also fall down, his spirit was high after singing as he climb to the top to sing, it’s really an eye-opening experience.

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