Andy Lau Shaved his head for Blood Brother

Andy had his hair shaved in Beijing for movie Blood Brothers. He disclosed the process on his personal website, including how he shaved the hair himself. Said, "Shooting has started 2 days, temporarily I can still keep the skin head, but in another 2 to 3 weeks I’ve to shave bald."

As the shooting location is v far from BJ, the return journey needs 5 to 6 hrs, everyday before dawn he sets off to work & comes back only late at night. The temp in BJ is now minus 5 degree, that in shooting location is even colder. He described shooting in the valley is like ‘moving in the wind & flying sand.’ wind storm is often, the workers often turn into mud man, before on the set, he stays in the car to keep warm, at work his nose runs non stop, his hands & legs are painful & turn red due to the cold.

Though cold, he feels warm at heart, as the HK fans had given him a lot of warm packs, hats, in BJ, he received many more & food. He said, "Thanks to the fans for being so concern, if they don’t listen & come to visit, next time I wont bother with them, the journey is far & mountainous, if something happen I’m not sure what to do.

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