Andy Lau no confidence of Hundred Flower Film Awards

Andy Lau was nominated for Best Actor with World Without Thieves and Best Supporting Actor with House of Flying Daggers at this year’s Hundred Flowers Film Awards. A modest Andy said that he was already satisfied to be nominated.

Andy said: "I feel that they have recognised me by nominating me for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor as this really touches me."

With regards to winning the awards, Andy made the right choice to collaborate with Mainland China’s film-makers.

Andy said: "I collaborate with many Mainland China actors, we’re like a family."

Among the actors, Wang Baoqiang whom collaborate with him in World Without Thieves leaves him a deep impression. Andy says: "I still remember when I first meet him, he told me that he had no present for me except giving me a punch, he was sweating after playing with me for 3 minutes, this kid is very hardworking."

Among the other nominees, other than Andy, it also include Kungful Hustle’s Stephen Chow, Fearless’s Jet Li, The Myth and New Police Story’s Jackie Chan, so which one did Andy tipped to win.

Andy says: "Stephen is liked by youngsters, the matures like Jackie, being a youngster and mature, but picking some points from them, Jet Li’s Fearless is showing off his kungful, all these years he had moved audiences with his kungfu, I feel that it’s great…. I really hope that I could collaborate with him, I have not collaborate with them, which is rather disappointed."

Andy whom had won numerous awards since entering showbiz, awards are not longer important to him, most importantly is to enjoy movies and continue to suprise the audience.

Andy says: "Please pay attention to the Hundred Flowers Film Awards, cast a vote for me, I’m Andy Lau."

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