Andy Lau Lets Twins Have His Changing Room

Andy Lau was invited to Beijing to be the ambassador of the 2008 Chinese Paralympics, and he also attended the press conference held for the mascot figure of the 13th term of Paralympics, which was held on the Great Wall of China. Twins were also one of the guests. Because Gillian Chung feels a fear of changing between performances, Andy specially told Twins to go change in the room that was provided to him, making them feel safer.

The mascot figure of the 2008 Paralympics is a little cow. Andy, being the ambassador, laughed when seeing the mascot; he explained, "It’s the same as my zodiac sign! Haha! Cows are hardworking and kind; they never have requests, but only continue to work. The mascot is meaningful because the athletes of paralympics have to work many times harder than normal people to achieve the same success."

Twins are also one of the performing guests. When Andy was waiting for the rehearsals with Gillian and Charlene Choi, the three of them walked along the Great Wall and took photos together. Gillian had confided in Andy about feeling afraid whenever she is needed to change outfits between performances, no matter where she is. As a conclusion, Andy consoled Gillian and decided for Twins to go change in the room that was provided to him for a personal resting room. Andy joked, "It’s going to be safe for you guys in there. There isn’t a single window. Reporters aren’t all that interested in me changing, so they wouldn’t come here to film me!"

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