Andy Lau is awarded Honorary Fellow Member by HKAPA

Andy Lau collected his Honorary Fellow Member at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ 22nd award presentation ceremony yesterday, it is to honor his success and contribution to arts.

In the ceremony, HKAPA’s Dean of Film and Television read an essay which its content narrates Andy started his career in TVB artiste training classes in 1981 until he land his first lead in Ann Hui’s Boat People; in 1984 he started his singing career; started TeamWork Production (currently re-named to Focus Films) in 1991 and produced several movies; in 2005 he started and invest in Focus First Cuts project which nurture new directors and gave them directing experience. Andy’s face blush when hearing the essay being read.

Andy attended the same convocation with the graduating students of the School of Film and Television and was interviewed in the music hall. Andy express that he was delighted and when asked that someone requested him to teach, he expressed he could only chat with the students rather than teaching.

When asked why did he blush, he says: “I’m so nervous, I was not told that the essay was so long as only 2 sentences were read during the rehearsal, I never knew that I need to stand there for so long. (Would you conduct lessons for the student?) It’s not that I don’t dare, extra-curriculum would do, sharing my experience, for those materials from the textbooks required professors to teach them.”

It seems that Andy is un-natural when he’s on stage, he quipped that he doesn’t know where to place his hands, if placed in front would show that he’s too excited, if by the side would be too stoned. When asked if awarded the Honorary Fellow Member would add pressure to him, he express that it won’t as it’s the same as the Outstanding Young Persons which proves that his working attitude is correct, his attitude to the production of movies is correct, he need to continue and maintain the same attitude. Andy quipped: “Only business management school won’t present Honorary Fellow Member to me as the method I do business is wrong.”

He also quipped that when Forbes Asia present Outstanding Achiever Award to him, he accepted it with some hesitation as then he was still fighting a lawsuit but this time round being awarded the Honorary Fellow Member, I truly feel that I can share with others. When asked how he would celebrate, Andy answered that no special celebration as he will dine with everyone. There was dance performance by the students in the ceremony, Andy sing praise of their performance and suggested that they could perform in concerts, he might consider hiring them for his concerts.

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