Andy Lau is a True Model

STEFANIE Sun calls him the ‘forever Big Brother’.

S.H.E’s Ella raved over how friendly and playful he is – he even reached for her hand onstage and pretended to kiss it.

And Gary Cao was as excited as a little fan when he joined the Malaysian media in ‘interviewing’ his superstar idol.

That’s Andy Lau for you, a celebrity role model for many young upstarts.

In town last weekend to attend the Global Chinese Music Awards after a three-year absence here, he was every bit the gracious big brother of showbiz.

No doubt he was the biggest winner alongside Stefanie. Each snagged five trophies.

Yet he was humble enough to acknowledge his lack of musical talent – he cannot compose music or play instruments – while emphasising that he made up for his shortcomings with hard work.


The easy-going star was also not afraid to make a fool of himself, inducing peals of laughter when he mimicked how R&B singers flaunt their falsettos.

Like an impish kid, he even did a little skip and hop on stage.

Backstage in the media room, Andy, 45, was the respectable Hong Kong Heavenly King who has sustained high popularity for over 20 years.

He talked about how he intends to enjoy life and take things slow, devoting himself to worthy projects. Next on his schedule is a Korea-China epic film, Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon.

Lamenting the shrinking music industry plagued by piracy and Internet downloads, he also shared his future plans of releasing singles instead of conventional albums.

‘I’m working on a song for the 2008 Olympics (in Beijing) but I don’t know if they’d want it or not,’ he added with self-deprecating humour.

So, does he have any advice for all the newbies in the industry?

‘I can only say, you should feel a sense of responsibility towards your career and your fans. Many people will be influenced by whatever you do, so it’s important that you fulfil your social responsibility.

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