Andy Lau endorse electric bicycle

On a certain brand electric bicycle endorser contract signing ceremony, a causally dressed Andy Lau whom was in checker wollen shirt and pants doesn’t lose any of his charisma as he kept posing during the ceremony, he also demostrate his bicycle tatics, he’s enjoying himself. He said: "This is my first time riding an electric bicycle, the feeling isn’t that bad, doesn’t require much energy and it’s also environmental friendly."

An excited Andy added: "Wah, this is so magical! I’ve only rode motorcycle, bicycle, driving, it’s my first time riding this electric bicycle, indeed it doesn’t require much energy, it’s light too, furthermore the speed range is more than I expected!" Andy was like a kid as he push the bicycle down, "Not bad, really not bad, it’s not as heavy as a motorcycle, it’s not as slow as a bicycle."

No matter it’s A Moment of Romance or Needing You, scenes of Andy riding on a motorcycle had become movie’s classic, his charisma while riding the motorcycle is also unforgettable. Nevertheless, the ride had been change to an electric bicycle, his charisma still stays.

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