Andy Lau diagnosed with Hepatitis B

Andy Lau was in Beijing yesterday to attend the press conference of 2006 Hepatitis B Prevention and Educational Promotion Ambassador activity, as Andy was diagnosed to be a Hepatitis B virus carrier some 20 years ago, thus he was appointed as the ambassador for 2 years.

Other than shooting a commerical and music video with Lam Ka Tung, he also compose a song ‘Xin Gan Bao Bei’ as the theme song hoping to spread the message of Hepatitis B prevention. Andy revealed that when he was writing ‘Xin Gan Bao Bei’, he initially thought of naming it ‘Gan Jiao Ji’ (literally translated as liver is anxious) but forgo the idea as it would sound too serious. Andy expressed that he was delighted that Mainland China is promoting Hepatitis B prevention, he will do his best and work hard with everyone.

After Andy touched down at Beijing yesterday, the organiser arranged him to Beijing Friendship Hospital to visit 2 Hepatitis B patients, he was told that one of them was diagnosed with liver cancer, although battling against illness, both of them are still optimistic. Andy gave them his latest album as present.

Andy revealed that Hepatitis B is not dangerous as 1 among 10 people will be a carrier. When asked if he went to check, he expressed that some 20 years ago, he was screened to be a Hepatitis B carrier in a blood examination report, when the doctor told him in a relax manner: "Don’t be afraid, nothing to worry about for a young man like you, just keep your body fit will do."

From then onwards, Andy will have a medical checkup every 3 months, with him working in showbiz where night and day were reversed, insufficient sleep will result in Hepatitis B, thus increasing the chances of getting liver cancer. When asked if he would reduce kissing and intimate scences to prevent spreading the virus? He says: "It won’t be spread through kissing, however I have few kissing scenes in recent years, because many actresses reject kissing scenes because of their image or get criticised, the movie would also be classified as 2A or 2B."

In addition, with regards to a tabloid in Mainland China alleged that he was being gunned down, Andy express that he already knew about this report early this year, the publisher does not have any commercial license thus he would not pursuit the matter, he says: "I don’t wish this to be used as a joke again."

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