Andy Lau considered using interactive media arts in his concerts,

Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the opening ceremony of Body Movies in Hong Kong was held at the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon as the images of the audience could be overlayered with the screen’s images. This is the first time that such events were held in Asia.

Andy Lau and Secretary for Home Affairs, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Dr Patrick Ho were among those attended. Images of Andy shaking hands with Dr Patrick and "kissing" with little girl were projected onto the screen.

An excited Andy immediately tried to make himself looked bigger, did many hand postures, and also used his hands to make shapes of many animals.

Johnnie To whom also attend the ceremony pointed out that interactive media arts can be used in different areas, actually this is rather common in European countries.

Andy expressed that on the shopping streets in France, such interactive media were used for products promotion, he also watched such performance overseas, he hope that Hong Kong could also import such ideas as if concerts in Hong Kong required such performance, there would be no need to invite foreigners for such technology. Andy exclaimed that he once used the water scene performance in his concerts and he had to specially flew in the rented equipements from Korea.

Andy added: "If the budget allows and the government granted me to staged more than 20 nights, thus I could try new things. If it’s only 10 nights then I won’t do it. (Would you be trying projecting nude bodies?) Who said I don’t dare! If it meet the effect, I will use it, at most would use 2 body. (Would you do it personally?) I’m so fat."

Andy pointed out that he once watch a performer watching a outfit to perform strip dance while he’s overseas, even the chest area was removed, it was a daring performance, but there’s no nudity. He also suggested such performance in the TVB anniversary show, but it need coordination of the lightings.

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