Andy Lau celebrates his birthday at Ocean Park

Today is Andy Lau’s birthday, he celebrate his birthday with thousands of fans from all over the world at the Ocean Park two days ago. Andy also allow his parents to enjoy the dolphins performance which left them delighted. Andy expressed that when killer whale Willy was still around, he spent most of his birthdays at Ocean Park as he would get into the water to play with Willy. As Willy had passed away, it had been quite a while that he spent his birthday at the Ocean Park.

The Ocean Park gave Andy a trainer uniform and whistle as birthday presents, he was also classified as a VIP trainer where he’s welcome to visit the dolphins and sea lions anytime.

When he was guiding the dolphins, he was given his first bithday kiss by one of the dolphins. Andy quipped that he was given a salty and wet kiss with a warmth feeling!

Other than the trainer uniform and dolphin kiss, what surprised him was Ocean Park arranged a clown, carnival acrobatic troop and fans from Andy World Club to perform a dance and song performance for him, he kept applause when watching the performance.

Andy had the same birthday wish as previous years, to be healthy and be happy everyday. For his actual birthday today, he would stay at home with his parents and dine with his friends.

In addition, his record company Focus Music had released the second edition of his album – Voice which includes the theme songs of The Saviour of the Soul and many music videos, it also include the classic scenes of his Yang Gor character.

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