Andy Lau bowls on his birthday

Bowling craze Andy Lau was 46 years old on 27 September and it didn’t stop him from bowling! Hardly having a day off, he specially asked his good friends Michael Miu, Felix Wong and Eddie Cheung for bowling at Whampoa.

Around 4.00pm, Andy whom was dressed in bowling gear lead the group to the bowling alley as it attracted the attention of those present, many asked the birthday boy to take photographs with them which Andy didn’t reject their requests, sonme fans also celebrated with him. The bowling alley also switch to broadcast Andy’s songs upon his arrival.

They break into groups to compete against each other, Andy and Michael in one group while Felix and Eddie in another group. Andy appeared frustrated when he failed to get a strike as he immediately seek bowling tips with Eddie.

In between, Andy injured his wrist as he show to his friends. With regards to the fans present, they cheered for Andy when he get strikes, they cheered for him and also gave him a sports suit as birthday present.

An excited Andy immediately took out the suit and see if it fits him.

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