Andy Lau and Jay Chou in “Sword A-Bi”

Heavenly king on heavenly king, Andy Lau personally expresses: “If Jay Chou becomes a director again and wants me to act, I’m willing.”

There have been rumours that the movie “Sword A-Bi” wants to get Andy Lau and Jay Chou together, for the first time Andy confirms that they have talked about it, but he hopes that if there is a movie where he works with Jay Chou, it must be like when he worked with Tony Leung in “Infernal Affairs”, becoming a milestone in movies, “Sword A-Bi” doesn’t really have this kind of feeling.

Director Chou once publicly expressed how he hopes to work with Andy Lau, Andy Lau said: “I also want to, with a topic of like 2 singers or 2 people from completely different places.” Andy Lau really looks forward to Jay Chou being a director again and he thinks he will do well, but for himself he doesn’t want to be a boss for filming movies again, because right now Chinese movies have to fight the Asian markets outside of Hong Kong, being a boss you have to spend a lot of effort and time.

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