Andy Hui Welcomes Eason Chan to Join East Asia

With rumors circulating that Eason Chan might join East Asia record company, other rumors are rising that this has affected Andy Hui, threating his status, and Andy has taken the first steps to protest by threating to stop working. Yesterday, Andy Hui attended a company function and says, "I have a 2-3 year contract with East Asia, why would I stop working? Eason and I are good friends, if he joins East Asia would be even stronger." Andy is not afraid of being affected if Eason joins, "He does his thing and I do mine" as Andy puts it himself.

Andy further says that East Asia has not treated him any differently since these rumors have surfaced, and during their meeting they only talked about this year’s work. "East Asia is helping me pursue my goals, I will be releasing a Cantonese album, a Mandarin album, and filming movies," he says.

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