Andy Hui reestablish his career without Sammi’s help

Ever since his breakup with Sammi, Andy Hui’s love life is basically zero. When asked about his past relationship with Sammi, he said, "Sammi and I have already broken up 4-5 years ago. In between this time, the media said we have reconciled but we never did. Although we are no longer a pair, however we remain to be good friends. That is why I still call and have dinner with her often."

It has been long rumoured that Sammi suffers from depression. However Andy has this to say, "Her health is better than yours ! Its just that her feeling now is slightly different. She don’t need to compete with others and like to do things that she enjoys. She no longer have to work for money, that is why she prefer to make her own decisions. She enjoy staying home to draw, read and go for holidays. Her life is full of joy and meaning. As a friend, I am very happy for her."

Andy revealed that he has only loved 2 women in his life. One of them was his 1st love during his school years. They have been together for 8 years. Then when he joined the entertainment scene, he fell in love with Sammi. As for the rest of the reported relationships, they were all rumours.

Since he is not involved with anyone right now, why not get back together with Sammi ? He said laughing, "Please stop teasing me ! Can you guys stop asking about her? Isn’t this a Andy Hui interview ? Why are you asking about her ? I don’t want people to think I am using her to help promote myself. There is already plenty of negative rumours about me lately.". When the reporter insisted on him answering, he said "When we broke-up, it was because of our differences. Since we are already not compatible with each other, why force ourselves by going back together ? It is better to be good friends now. I wish she will find true love and I will find my other half too. I am a fussy guy as I am scared of woman who are too aggresive. That is why it is quite difficult for me to meet someone."

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