Andy Hui Longs for ‘Fat Tin’ to reach 40 points

Andy Hui, Denise Ho, Rain Li and Justin Lo were among the singers rehearsing yesterday for the "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" show, where they picked up some tin lids, metal bins, screwdrivers and kitchen utensils to make music with. However, there was not very much harmony and they were out of time with each other, so the beautiful tunes were just a big noise and even Andy gave a big frown at the result.

Andy was very excited about the results of his series with Myolie Wu "To Grow with Love" and hopes that it will continue to improve and reach 40 points. What would he do if it did? Andy smiles: "If it did reach 40 points, I will do whatever you ask me to!" However, when the press suggested he should wear some skimpy swimming trunks, he laughed: "I have put some weight back on, so I can’t do that!"

Denise was drinking herbal remedies and eating preserved fruit during the rehearsals and she explained that she was still suffering a little from flu. As she was in concert earlier, she had been on antibiotics all along and she lost sleep because she was so nervous, so the mixture of medication and sleeping pills has left her needing a little balance from the Chinese herbal remedies. When she was urged by the reporters to eat a little more and gain some weight, she says that many of her friends have said this to her: "Every year, I will abstain from eating meat for two months in memory of my mentor [Anita Mui], so this will not change. (So get more rest then?) I can’t rest because my boss has too much work lined up for me, as for what it is though, I will have to let you know later."

There have been rumours on the internet that a leak from a CRHK employee has indicated that Denise is lined up for their Gold Award this year, with Joey Yung and Fiona Sit in silver and bronze positions. In response to this, Denise smiles: "So soon? There are still two months to go yet! (Would you like to win the Gold Award?) I don’t mind, I am already very happy at the success of my concert."

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