Andy Hui Carrying Myolie Wu With Ease While Filming More Ending Scenes

After losing 20 lbs, Myolie Wu filmed the closing scenes for her series "Lush Fields Happy Times" with Andy Hui and Matthew Ko yesterday, where she had to display many different emotions in the scene. The story tells of how she is dreaming about being slim and is presented with a sequinned dress by Andy and then goes ice-skating with Matthew as she shows off her figure to all those who had mocked her in the past.

As for the suggestions that TVB has ‘made’ Myolie an opportunity to win the ‘Best Actress’ award at this year’s anniversary, Andy adds jokingly: "We will be taking the crew out for dinner later and having an early celebration for Myolie’s award." Hearing this, Myolie laughs: "We have to go for dinner, but if I do win an award, then we will have to get Andy to pay for another meal. I think the award for ‘Best Comedy Potential’ should go to him."

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