Andy hope Sandra Ng to be female lead

The press conference for The Blood Brothers was held at Park Plaza Beijing yesterday afternoon where director Peter Chan, three male leads Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li attended.

Andy exclaimed that he always wanted to collaborate with Peter, he said: "Actually I always wanted to collaborate with director Peter Chan, I’ve watched The Blood Brothers in the cinema when I’m young, I also get to collabrate with Chang Che before, I believed that this generation of actors should not include me, when asked if one collaborated with Chang Che, I did, it should be Shanghai 13 when he approach me."

"As he’s a director that’s good in wuxia films, as I have never watch Peter directed a wuxia film, how would a wuxia film look like when directed by a director famous for love films, I’m not sure yet, I need to wait for 3 months, I will be anticipating these 3 months, because collaborated with him for a few days, I feel that he was very concentrated, I hope to see an appearance of a different wuxia film, thanks Peter."

When asked of which character he would be playing, Andy said: "I’ll be the second brother. My character is one that has strong brotherhood, many of my actions in the movie would be doing for my friends, he’s not a civil person, initially he’s the largest among the gang, but he found an elder brother and sworn to be brothers to become his elder brother, I’m number 2, very hard to say, this is a long story, if you want to ask, you better ask the director."

When asked of the female lead that he preferred, Andy said: "For the 3 days of shooting, I was lucky to be involved in shooting for these 3 days. We didn’t have any collaborated scenes yet, thus we were shooting the same scene at different locations."

"Since I’ve collaborated with Takeshi in House of Flying Daggers, I like to work with him as we don’t feel any pressure, feel that he seems to take everything in a relax manner, I should learn from him, because I’m serious on everything, thus I think such relaxation should require "elder brother to show us some guidance" (holding onto the hands of Jet), we entered showbiz the same year, it’s a disappointement not able to collaborate, I was thinking when I get the chance to collaborate with him, never expected Peter gave me the chance. As we were brothers in the movie, I think our relationship would get better after shooting, I hope our relationship will improve.

"On the female lead, I hope it would be Sandra Ng."

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