Andy Groaned in pain after injuring his finger

days ago Andy was in Shanghai shooting Violent Land.
In an important scene he had to fall 10 over times on the wet & dirty ground,
in the hustle bustle he crushed his Left 4th finger, the pain was excruciating.
But the director didn’t stop, he continued with the shooting, until he couldn’t bear it anymore, he yelled, "Hey, cut !" Actually when the crew saw his painful expression, they thought his acting was excellent.

After that the staff applied medicated oil & bandaged his sore finger & continued with shooting. But on returning to the hotel at night he found the finger swollen & blue-black.

He left a message in his website, saying luckily it was the L hand & won’t affect his bowling, he wrote, "Sigh, I injured my leg in ABOW, this time I injured my hand, lucky that it is lighter each time. "

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