Andy and Myolie Promote their Show on Radio

Andy Hui and Myolie Wu gave interviews for different radio shows yesterday and with their series "To Grow with Love" being the talk of the town, Andy says he was happy with the opening day ratings of 33 points. As for the suggestion he is bullying Myolie in the show, he says that it turns around later and Myolie bullies him, so the writers did not show any favouritism. Andy watched the show earlier with his family and he was very happy to see them all laughing and to receive a call from Chapman To praising his performance.

With suggestions that Myolie was trying to avoid Andy on Monday, thus not inviting him to her special viewing party, Andy laughs that the story is interesting. He did know about the event, but he had another engagement and did not take part. He laughs that Myolie does not need to avoid him now she is back to her slim figure. So does he have to avoid her now? Andy says: "Don’t say that! These stories will blow over before the series has finished airing and as a man, you have to show some gallantry. We will just treat this as alternative publicity. (Are you fighting against Bosco?) No comment, and I don’t have to clarify anything with Myolie."

There are rumours that there will be a sequel to this series, but Andy says he has not heard about it. If the ratings top 40 points, how will Andy celebrate? Someone has suggested he should put on 40 lbs and he laughs that he will save that stunt for a charity event. As for criticism that Myolie’s performance is over-exaggerated, Andy supports her, saying that this is down to the needs of the series and they have to find a balance point.

Myolie appeared on Cha Siu Yan’s show and was asked why Andy was absent from her premiere viewing. She said that it was the producer who invited everyone and not her. She also admits that she did wish to see Andy at the event so that they could clarify the situation with the press together. She has got to know Andy quite well in the two months of filming and she feels very bad about the rumours.

Myolie has slimmed down to 115 lbs now and just has 8 lbs to go before she returns to her previous weight. Asked if rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong has complimented her, she says he has not. Asked about the reviews of her overacting, Myolie understands that there will always be people who like it and dislike it and she had asked the producer beforehand about this and he said that as long as it matches the character, then she should not worry. Talking of her character wanting so badly to get married, Myolie says that in real life, she would very much like a family of her own, but she is not longing for marriage. Her criteria for a partner is that he has to think like her, be focussed on his career, ambitious and love playing games. She feels someone from within the industry would be better, but she is also worried that if she dates someone from showbiz, she will be criticised for not giving her full attention to her career. Myolie does not agree to co-habiting because she feels that this is like digging your own grave and giving up all your personal space without the commitment of marriage.

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