Andy and Jet become good friends

Andy Lau and Jet Li was at Shanghai’s Film City for the shooting of Tou Ming Zhuang. The weather was cold and there’s a drizzy rain as they shot the rode horse scene. There was also a press conference where director Peter Chan exclaimed that he handled differently for the bed scenes between Andy, Jet and Xu Jinglei, different in the sense that it’s no longer the male that rule on the bed, the end effect is good. Xu suffered the most in the movie as she’s tangled between Andy, Jet and Takeshi Kaneshiro that resulted the three brothers turned against each other.

Jet whom always had fear of shooting bed scenes pointed out that this time round was really embrassing throughout his 27 years in showbiz, this is a huge challenge and examination for him. Andy does not think so as during shooting the bed scene with Xu, he discovered that Xu was more shy and embrasses.

Collaborating with Andy in this movie allow Andy and Jet to become good friends as Jet said: "Delighted to befriend a true friend." Both Andy and Jet are Buddhists thus they get along so well. Andy always asked Jet about Buddhist teachings, the more they talk they got together better.

In addition, there was allegation that he would be resigning from the movie Zhao Zilong, when asked Andy expressed that everything is still under arrangement and he himself had not read that particular report, thus he will wait for the company’s arrangement.

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