Andy and Eason to duet for Brothers theme song

Brothers which has a cast of Andy Lau, Michael Miu, Ken Tong, Eason Chan, Felix Wong and Betty Huang held its press conference yesterday as the whole cast and director Derek Chiu attended. Andy exposed Michael’s wife came to monitor him when shooting the kissing scene with Betty and Michael returned the favor by openly sing praise Eason as god of song whereas Andy is just a singer.

Andy announced that he will duet with Eason for the theme song for Brothers, the music will be composed by Eason whereas lyrics will be written by Andy. Being the boss, Andy was asked why Eason was approached to be one of the main lead, he said: “Eason’s character is unlike those you see in hero films, the director also highly recommend him.”

Andy revealed that initially he only cameo in the film but unexpectedly the shooting time is more when compared to the Protege, he quipped: “I initially though I’m just cameo thus my fee is the same as the extra which is $4 per day.”

Eason expressed that he’s excited to be able to collaborate with so many experienced actors, he said: “I’m delighted to be admired by Andy, he and the other 4 Tigers did not changed at all since I watched them on TV when I’m young, to be able to collaborate with them is like a dream.”

With regards to Michael saying that he’s just a singer and not a god of song, he said: “I’ve already shown improvements, from an idol becoming a singer, he had already promoted me one level, step by step is also considered as improvement.”

When asked if Tony would be invited to the premiere of the film, Andy said that it would depend on the movie company’s decision. Meanwhile, Felix denied the allegation that the 4 Tigers are not on good terms with Tony as he explain that Tony was not cast in the film due to him unable to find time for the film, he decided to talk more in case more allegation arise, he added that Andy is unhappy of the allegation and he also hope that the 5 Tigers could collaborate again.

As Brothers is a triad story, the story is about one triad boss from an earlier era against a new era triad boss, this makes one relate it to the Godfather movies. With regards to this question, Andy admit that he like the Godfather movies and thinks that the trilogy had all the elements of a triad movie, thus he thinks that every triad movies will have images of Godfather. He said: “I will re-watch Godfather every year, it’s too classic, I feel that every triad movies will have images of Godfather. But we’re using a different background, the story and theme is also different, thus the movie is different from Godfather.”

Andy specially write the film’s Chinese name (‘Xiong Di’) in calligraphy, the director specially inverted the second word. Andy said that he didn’t write wrongly as the word carrying a meaning of not brothers as it includes many betrayals, no-trust and battles among each other, as the film is about brother going against brother and betraying one another, one had to watch the movie to find out the answer.

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