Amy Kwok & Patrick Tam’s ‘No Turning Back’ Broadcasting

Cast: Patrick Tam, Deannie Yip Tak Han, Amy Kwok, Law Ka Ying, Tsang Kong, Hawick Lau, Gabriel Harrison, Patricia Liu, Lulu Ng, etc.

ATV will be broadcasting its grand production, "No Turning Back" ??????on November 20th. The series started filming in May and after 5 months of filming and editing, the series is ready to greet audiences!

Plot Synopsis:

"No Turning Back" focuses on how modern society is pulled by the promise of fortune. As a result, family love, friendship, romantic love, and justice are all tested against human greed and weakness. In the series, two main characters Chin Chi Kong (played by Patrick Tam) and Chan Fai Wong (Hawick Lau) are good friends, but their relationship turns sour due to conflict of interests. Each will have to face the grave consequences of the decisions they make in life.

If there is justice in the world, how come murderers can escape the judicial system? If there is morality and fairness, how come innocent people are implicated?

Patrick’s character was raised by Deannie Yip, who sold congee for a living. When Patrick was a child, his father was given a life-sentence in prison. Patrick believed in his father’s innocence, so he vowed to study law and become a lawyer in order to clear his father’s name one day.

Deannie has an illegitimate son, played by Hawick Lau, who is also a lawyer. Although Hawick and Patrick grew up together and are good friends, their natures are at opposite extremes. Patrick has a kind-hearted nature, while Hawick has a vicious side.

Hawick is willing to betray his friendship [with Patrick] in order to climb the rungs in society. Hawick even causes Patrick’s imprisonment and the eventual death of Patrick’s father!

Patrick’s character must re-evaluate his values in life. Should he remain passive and become a victim in life? Or should he respond with "an eye for an eye?" If one can drop a murderous weapon and then become buddha, does that mean responding a killing with another killing should be life’s mantra?

When the legal system can not provide a fair outcome, then the business world becomes another battle ground. Patrick has no regrets but to make Hawick suffer payback. The tactics which Patrick employs will also draw him into the boundaries of evil, costing him many sacrifices.

In a chaotic and confusing society, justice may be beyond reach sometimes and one has to actively pursue it through one’s own means.

Additional News at Press Conference

Cast members Amy Kwok, Patricia Liu, Law Ka Ying, Gabriel Harrison Hoi Chun Ki, Lulu Ng, etc attended the press conference held on November 16th.

When reporters asked Law Ka Ying to briefly describe the series’ plot, he surprisingly told people not to watch girlfriend Liza Wang’s "Glittering Days!" Law said crudely, "’No Turning Back’ PK ‘Glittering Days!’"

Someone in the audience brought up the fact that the two series have different time slots. Law then changed his tune, "Watch ‘Glittering Days’ first, then follow up with ‘No Turning Back!’" Law jokes that Liza is aware of his cheeky side; at most she will scold him a bit afterwards. But Law hopes that he and Liza can have a face-off in competing series.

Reporters reminded Law that the real competitor is in fact TVB’s new series "Dicey Business" which will be broadcast on the same date! Law said, "If ‘Dicey Business’ doesn’t surpass 30+ points, then that’s not good. Both series have a different focus." (Then how can ‘No Turning Back’ beat ‘Dicey Business’ in ratings?) "Through word-of-mouth, let them be defeated fairly this time!"

In the series, Lulu is raped by Gabriel Harrison. Lulu said, "At the time of filming, Gabriel pushed me onto the sofa and my back was hurt, forcing me to cry non-stop. In the end, the entire crew had to stop work." Gabriel also drank a little alcohol before filming the scene in order to immerse into the scene better. Although Lulu is raped by Gabriel in the series, she ends up falling in love with his character.

Lulu mentioned that if "No Turning Back" achieves high ratings, she does not mind re-enacting the rape scene with Gabriel!

At an earlier promotional event, Patricia Liu told reporters that she has met up with good friend Tavia Yeung for dinner, discussing the fact that both of their new series will be broadcast on November 20th in the same time slot. Patricia noted that TVB has a certain guaranteed ratings, but ATV’s series also generate good word-of-mouth. A good series will have an audience following; hopefully the series will be able to compete fairly.

ATV produced "No Turning Backing" with a budget of $30 million (HKD) and renown media czar Lau Tin Chee is involved with the project, as well as scriptwriter Yuen Gai Chi.

Jayne’s Comment: Actually the plot for "No Turning Back" sounds very dramatic (in a good way). Sounds like a good script, what TVB has been lacking for the last 2 years. I like series that explore heavy themes, hopefully this series is executed well.

The cast is very strong, but ATV doesn’t have the clout to draw high ratings and facing TVB’s heavyweight, "Dicey Business" in the same time slot, I’m afraid "No Turning Back’s" ratings will suffer.

Is ATV overly confident of this series? Do they have a winner on their hands? Or are they committing ratings suicide by pitting it in the same time slot as "Dicey Business??"

Overseas fans however can enjoy watching both series though!

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