AMusic Paying New Year’s Calls

On the other day, Leon just returned to HK with Gaile Lok from Japan. Although Leon was still tired, he, Mark Lui, Miriam Yeung, Janice, Jill, Charles Ying, Emily Wong, and others attended AMusic’s group paying new year’s calls at 8 a.m. in the morning. He gave out red packets to the group of staff members. When it was 5 p.m. in the evening, he accepted Chief Executive Donald Tsang’s invitation to attend the spring banquet. He was very busy. At the banquet, he met "Superman" Li Ka Shing. He went over to him and politely said, "Wish Mr. Li good health and everything going your way." They then took a picture afterwards.

Yesterday, AMusic artists and staff members arrived to the company early in the morning. Around 11 a.m., the group went for morning tea like eating new year dinner at Yat Chuen Club. Afterwards, everyone began to work. Yesterday, there was no specific time selected for the opening of the new year. They only selected early to return to the company and hope everyone has a good start. After joining the company, it was Miriam’s first new year with the company, so she’s knowledgable on what to do. Not waiting for everyone to pay new year’s calls to her, she already gave out red packets. At this time, she’s still very busy filming a movie.

Janice and Jill accepted an interview and expressed that they get along with Miriam. Janice said, "This year, the company is very lively. When returning, it’s not like a building. It’s like returning home. When we see each other, we talk and laugh. I also asked her if she has work to do today."

Afterwards, Leon drove Mark’s new Ford Mustang GT sports car. In the beginning, Leon drove it leaving the company. After lunch, Mark drove it leaving the Yat Chuen Club.

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