Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I made my order on Kindle Paperwhite (new generation) together with its’ cover. There were some issues with my credit card and got it resolved on 1st Oct. The estimated delivery date stated was 7-10th Oct with pending shipping status. Just check with amazon, the status is now updated to “shipped” and estimated delivery date shown as 10th Oct. It’s been 5 days now and will update this post along the way till I get my parcels.

Update 7th October:
Used Amex to make payment on Amazon with transaction posted:

04-Oct-2013 03-Oct-2013 AMAZON.COM AMZN.COM/BILLUS US$158.99 RM528.33

Updates 10th October in VpostAsia:

Date Time Status
08/10/2013 08:23:00 PM Package Paid
10/10/2013 03:21:03 AM Package sent out from U.S.A/Japan/EUROPE

Updates 16th October in VpostAsia

16/10/2013 05:22:00 PM Arrival in S`pore
16/10/2013 05:45:52 PM Depart from S`pore Airport Processing Ctr

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