Alvina Kong Wants to Marry Again in Guam

"Questioning Showbiz" held auditions at Olympian City for contestants in the public game section and host Alvina Kong was joined by guest judges Tracy Ip, Heidi Chu, Kiki Lam and Charmaine Fong.

Alvina indicated that every year she likes to go away with her husband at the new year, but she will be busy filming her gameshow this year, so she will not be able to. She reveals that she will go with her husband to get ‘married again’ in different places and next year there is a friend who will be getting married in Guam, so they had planned to go there for their re-marriage, but she cannot fulfil this wish. She says that the end of this year has been a rewarding one for her as in addition to her quiz show, she has also been invited to film for a natural lip gloss advertisement. The product is not just for the lips as you can use it on other parts of the body. Asked where else she has used it, she says with a little embarrassment: "No, I have just used it on my lips."

Tracy has lost a lot of weight lately but she denies this is because of problems with her lovelife and points out it is all the untrue reports that are making her unhappy, but she is learning to accept this and she will just concentrate on her work and her plans to learn to sing. Also, she will be taking part in filming for "The Entire City Dances", where she will be paired with Matthew Ko. There are a lot of emotional scenes for her character and she has to cry a lot. Asked if her recent experiences have helped her performance, she admits that the rumours have made her unhappy, but she is feeling better now and she will face 2007 in happy spirits.

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