Alvina Kong Extends Slimming Company Contract

Alvina Kong has recently signed for a third year as spokesperson for her slimming company sponsors and appearing in a swimsuit, sportswear and evening dress images, she has shot a new set of ads for the company, showing off her alluring body. Alvina has really pushed herself to the limits with this set of sexy ads and smiles: “Last time, my husband was already very nervous and I was worried that I had to use stick-on bras, but fortunately they were happy with a healthy image and as long as the lines came out beautiful, then it was fine.”

Alvina says that her fee has increased again this time, but as she has been busy filming for “Best Selling Secrets” lately, she has not had time to keep up with her slimming regime. She says: “I can still keep it and it proves that my regeneration is still very good.”

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