Alexander Wang – New Style with Beard?

For 2006 Concert DVD release, even though Alexander Wang has been in Hong Kong, he needs to tell his Taiwan fans good news through the news – he has looked to another direction for his style, a new style with beard. Entertainer Alexander said: “This style, part of it is because I’m really a wanderer. This time I went to Chicago to attend my paternal grandmother’s birthday, but when I came back from Chicago, it took 60 hours already. Then I met up with Hong Kong’s typhoons, so I haven’t even gotten my luggage yet, and my razor is in my luggage.”

Alexander: “Very happy that I’m releasing the DVDs. I was really looking forward to the Shanghai concerts, hoping that the weather that day would be good, because it was really hot, but also hoped that it wouldn’t rain, then I held a concert in Hong Kong, when that DVD comes out, I can take it and practice my dance moves again.”

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