Alex Refuses to Comment on Gillian + Juno Rumours

Chung Yuen Electricity Co yesterday held the 80 year anniversary celebration at their New Town Plaza chain store. Singers Justin Lo, Alex Fong, Stephy Tang, Theresa Fu and Kary Ng all attended the celebration. Stephy and Theresa gave the company a cheese cake to congratulate them.

As the image boy of Chung Yuen Electricity Co, Justin Lo hopes to be sponsored a big fridge so that his mother is able to store a lot of food so that she can cook. As Mark Lui will become a father this year, Justin was asked if he wants to be the godfather of the child. Justin answered, “The most I can be is a god brother, I do not have what it takes to be a godfather.”

On the other hand, Juno Mak has been reported to be tyring hard to pursue Gillian Chung. When asked to comment on his rumoured girlfriend’s reports, Alex rejected commenting and only said, “I will not comment.”

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