Alex Fong Comes Face to Face with a Burglar

Alex Fong’s home in Baguio Villa was burgled in the early hours of yesterday morning as Alex was just returning home. He thought that the intruder was his brother at one point and came within a metre of the man in a rather scary confrontation. In the confusion, the burglar managed to escape from the balcony and for Alex, he was lucky that the man did not injure him.

Coming face to face with the thief for well over a minute, Alex was still a little shaken as he recalled the incident. He believes that if he met the man again on the street, he would recognise him. Alex says that he returned home at about 3am yesterday and as he opened the door, he noticed a shadow, who he thought was his brother at first: "I thought the shadow was my younger brother, so I called him, but he did not respond and I thought I was seeing things. Afterwards, I felt something was wrong and I felt a little frightened, but when I switched on the light, I saw a man in his twenties hiding in the kitchen. With just a table between us, we stared at each other for well over a minute. Fortunately he was not armed and I had a painting tube in my hand. I asked him "Who are you?" to make sure he was not a friend of my brother’s, but he replied threateningly "What are you doing?" before running out onto the balcony and probably climbing down the drainpipes. Truthfully, I was very scared at that point and I forgot about all survival skills. Afterwards, I did not understand why I didn’t call out loud."

After calming down from the shock, he rushed into the bedrooms to check on the safety of his family and found his brother absorbed in the world of the internet and his parents fast asleep, unaware of their son’s ordeal. The family then contacted the police who arrived to take statements and they found that Alex’s father had some of his watches stolen, worth about $20,000. For Alex to foil the burglar’s plans and protect his family’s other possessions was a lucky escape.

As they live in a mid-level apartment, Alex and his family never imagined that a burglar would be able to climb into their home. Now that they have learned their lesson, they will be stepping up security measures and adding in bars and locks to thier balcony. Yesterday evening, Alex was relaxed as he settled down to film at Olympian City for "Beautiful Men Cooking".

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