Alex Announces ‘Breaking Up’ with Stephy

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang’s latest movie, ‘Love is Not All Around’ hit $6.3 million in the box offices after only being released for 6 days. On Wednesday night, a celebration party was held. At the party, Alex made his boss, Paco Wong, promise that he will pay for the cast and crew of the movie to go for a holiday in South-East Asia if the movie makes $10 million in the box offices or a trip to Europe if the movie reaches $15million. When hearing this, Paco did not immediately agree but said that it is good to have requests.

Rumoured couple, Alex and Stephy were then requested by the media to kiss in public if the movie made $10 million in the box offices. Alex laughed when he heard the request and expressed that he is willing as long as everyone is happy. He then said, “No matter how much money we can still kiss!” But as for Stephy, she seemed quite disgruntled when she replied, “What Alex is saying is a kiss on the cheek.”

During the event, Alex randomly announced his ‘break up’ with Stephy because he is afraid that viewers may dislike them as they have been rumoured to be together for too long.

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