Alec Su You Peng used torture examination on Li Qian

Su You Peng has gained much popularity with his previous gentle roles. This time, although he still maintained his handsomeness but beneath it all he actually concealed another plan — the use of confession via torturous method. In the story, Su You Peng’s character comes from a rich family with background in military and psychology schooling. His mind is not only meticulous but also very good at interrogating criminals.

It was at the rich and influential people party that "Zu Ji Li"’s little thief Li Qian met Su You Peng, in which she is then later caught mistakenly as an assasinator. Li Qian was then taken imprisonment where she was severely punished and tortured to confess her crime. But Su You Peng has met his match. Regardless of the torturous examination, Li Qian remained piteous and only admitted to being a thief but not an assassin. Although Su You Peng did not charge Li Qian with capital felony, but he also did not let her go easily. He threatened her with many torturous methods by laying the instruments before her, but Li Qian remained uneffected. From the very earliest moment of their meeting at the party, Su You Peng was already curious in this girl, but he had not thought she would be the female assasinator.
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The mysterious assasination of the richest man and the identity of the female assasinator now landed in the hand of Su You Peng to unsolve.

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