Alec Su You Peng parts from the “Young Student’ image, Li Qian approves change

A few days ago, the author went to the Hengdian Movies & Television studio set for an interview with the legendary TV serial "Jiang Ji Jiu Ji". This serial has a resplendent cast comprising Movie Queen Ye Tong, substanced actor Qin Pei, Li Qian, Gao Hao, all itching to have a go in this serial where everybody is paying close attention to. What is astounding is that the male lead, Su Youpeng’s style and image in this serial is sharply different from before. There is a tendency of a brilliant and spirited young man transforming towards a matured-look type. Can it be due to complying to the increasingly daily perfection in acting that Su Youpeng is prepared and striding towards a steady substanced and matured stance?

To this, Su Youpeng expressed that he did not specifically plan on how to change his persona but because the character that he is portraying in this serial is a rich man’s son in the early days of pre-republican days and moreover, the latter is meticulous in his thinking, abiding to traditional chinese customs and at the same time imbibed with western influences through his overseas studies – need to have a "deep" and seasoned look and acting style to flesh out the character. Moreover, he and Li Qian’s romance in "Jiang Ji Jiu Ji" is not the focal point of the story. As regards to the selling point of this serial, Su Youpeng gave a cliff-hanger and said that the answer will be known when it is telecast

Although that was what he said, but a lot of his fans momentarily could not accept the matured look and hairstyle that he has in this serial. They reckon that it did not project out Su Youpeng’s charming countenance. On the contrary, Su Youpeng is very pleased with his persona albeit at the beginning he too like some of his fans could not adapt to the many and diverse costumes and the comb-back-gelled hair look. However, he was totally convinced by Director Zheng Ji Cheng and the outcome of ribbons and bow ties were not too bad. Su Youpeng was thus very pleased with the changed persona.

This time, Su Youpeng’s appearance, be it in costumes or hair style, they are very suitable to the Zhuang Ruo Long’s temperament and disposition in the serial. It has grace, possessing the calm of a super inspector, capable and experienced, the leisure and comfort of a rich man’s son. Another point worth mentioning is that Su Youpeng acting as Zhuang Ruo Long has also mastered hypnotism. In the serial, Zhuang Ruo Long had misunderstoodthat Li Qian as Yuer, was the one who killed his father. In order to get a statement, he hypnotized her without any mercy but forgot to undo it. As Li Qian was hypnotized for too long a period, she was in a trance the whole day long. When Su Youpeng finally undo the hypnotism, Little Li Qian was totally petrified.

Besides the squabbling and loving moments in the serial, Su Youpeng and Li Qian out of acting also got along harmoniously together. Su Youpeng had on many occasions commended publicly on Li Qian’s outstanding acting and Li Qian is in great favour of Bro Youpeng’s persona change. Seems like with this big persona change of another type of manliness, Su Youpeng would tip over even more fans with his wise and farsighted charm.

You can see the Interview CCTV8 with Alec & Li Qian and bloopers scenes.
CCTV 8 Interview Clip
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Site 2 : (see file nameJIANG JI JIU JI – CCTV8 Interview.rm)

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