Alec Su You Peng – Li Qian a ‘Deceptive Romance’

Probably the one of most and worth anticpated serie of 2007 is TV serie JIANG JI JIU JI. Even though it has just started filming, already it has attracted a mass media attention. The co-produced serie between Fuzhou and Beijing companies focuses on the hurmous concept of "Deceptive Romance". A beautiful and lovely female swindler vs. an angelic perfect man — suddenly one day they met one another. Can such chemistry exist?

When producer Chen Zong first received the script, he had no clue who should play the leading roles. Thankfully, this decision making fell upon Hong Kong/TVB’s famous director Zheng Jicheng when he joined the crew. Perhaps Zheng Jicheng’s name is uncommon to the mainland audience, but if one were to mention the famous series ???????????????????, the audience would surely recognize him. As soon as Zheng joined the serie, he immediately chose Su You Peng and Li Qian to be the young lead stars. He also invited famous veterans Ye Tong and Qin Pei to play the old-matched couple with a 20 years love-hate history.

Although the weather during filming has been extremely hot, Su You Peng did not make any complaint because to him this serie was worth the effort. Rather, he seemed to be enjoying filming because to him the script was good and so was his role.

Leading lady Li Qian, who has been in "Country’s Granary", "Li Wei", and "Twin of Brothers", in which she often wore ancient costumes, has just recently finished "He Liu Ru Xue". Li Qian is not only a simple and beautiful person, but she has also been commented by Hai Yan to be quite "an intelligent and talented person". He has even dubbed a nickname for her as "Little Lovely". In JIANG JI JIU JI, Li Qian plays the role of the "evil mischevious" Yuer. This type of is precisely the kind which Li Qian excels. She easily adapts to her character with a natural ease. Besides that, we were told that Li Qian has extremely good skin. The cosmetologists all commented that it was easiest to put make-up on Li Qian.

To have a cute "mischevious" girl paired-up with him, Su You Peng think it will increase the sentimental chemistry.

The costume designer have created many outfits for each of the characters with great detail and inaccordance with each character’s age and role. Su You Peng is dressed in European aristoracy modeling, a image which is drastically different from his previous costumes. He appeared to look like a royal prince. Li Qian, although her character actually comes from a poor background, but will also dress as the smart-intelligent female swindler. Once in awhile, she will take a diguise as a rich girl dressed in many pretty costumes.

This kind of ever changing modelling has create much excitement. We think these two will have super sparks (chemistry), perhaps even as equivalent to the chemistry seen in??????.

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